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Géniusz SE Karácsonyi Háziversenye

Last update 26.12.2015 17:23:33, Creator/Last Upload: komarom-esztergom country chess fed.

Starting rank list of players

6CMHorvath Csaba719382HUN2200
13Szobi Geza Jr.716626HUN2197
10Kovacs David726664HUN2170
3Dibusz Ferenc722430HUN2143
1Laszlo Imre709050HUN2103
8Szobi Zoltan750441HUN2025
12Nagy Ferenc733393HUN1985
11WCMBagdi Timea720259HUN1957
2Dibusz Domonkos771031HUN1750
4Nemeth Csaba771082HUN1482
5Nemeth MateHUN0
9Szobi Daniel755923HUN0
7Toth Anna792675HUN0