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39th All Assam Inter Diistrict Under-19 (Open) Chess Championship-2015

Last update 30.12.2015 09:48:48, Creator/Last Upload: debanga kaushik bhattacharyya

Starting rank

1Rishideep Bordoloi5004730IND1881Tinsukia
2Rituraj Borgohain25016784IND1753Dibrugarh
3Tridev Buragohain35015591IND1506Guwahati
4Debanga Koushik Bhattacharyya5099862IND1458Guwahati
5Lakshya Deep Malakar25090550IND1430GTC Chess Foundation
6Jigyashdipta Gogoi25090518IND1248Guwahati
7Punit Basu46612505IND1176Guwahati
8Abdul SulemanIND0Sonitpur
9Abhijit DebroyIND0Cachar
10Abhishek BorthakurIND0Jorhat
11Uday BawariIND0Dibrugarh
12Bikash MallikIND0Dibrugarh