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torneio ferias natal 2015 Santoantoniense dia 3

Last update 22.12.2015 17:30:33, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 30)

Starting rank

1Ramos Francisco Miguel R S1951327POR1452Santoantoniense Fc
2Matos Guilherme Bastos Dias D1932241POR1323Santoantoniense Fc
3Arrais DavidPOR0
4Cerqueira João Pedro Amaral1952633POR0Santoantoniense Fc
5Costa Ruben CarvalhoPOR0Santoantoniense Fc
6Ingres PedroPOR0
7Matos Catarina Bastos Dias1935259POR0Santoantoniense Fc
8Pedreira Duarte Alexandré Dia1949098POR0Santoantoniense Fc
9Pedreira Tomas Alexandre Dias1934252POR0Santoantoniense Fc (nf)
10Salgueiro Beatriz Silva1951254POR0Santoantoniense Fc
11Silva PedroPOR0
12Silva RodrigoPOR0