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Last update 23.12.2015 07:11:21, Creator/Last Upload: all india chess federation

Starting rank

1Amaey Advait46660992IND1225Sri Kumarans Children's home
2Arnav Muralidhar46694544IND1222Sri Kumarans Children's home
3Pratham Ajay45041997IND1184Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
4Vishruth U45009449IND1030Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
5Adithya NIND0Prarthana School
6Adithya PIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
7Adithya PIND0National Public School
8Akshay AIND0Presidency School, R.T.Nagar
9Amogh AIND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
10Arjun P BhatIND0National Hill View School
11Arnav SamahithIND0Little Flower Public School
12Arya TejaswiIND0Little Flower Public School
13Aryama V MurthyIND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
14Bhuvanesh DIND0Apollo National Public School
15Charith ReddyIND0Presidency School, R.T.Nagar
16Dhanish B MIND0Apollo National Public School
17Gahan Sindhu NarenIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
18Guru Kiran S NayakaIND0Mitra Academy
19HananeelIND0Presidency School, R.T.Nagar
20HarshadIND0Apollo National Public School
21Kundan K RajIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
22Lakshy Jain25633589IND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
23NikhilIND0Little Flower Public School
24Nirav SaaleIND0Little Flower Public School
25Niroop HIND0Little Flower Public School
26NithinIND0Little Flower Public School
27Pavan R SIND0Little Flower Public School
28Paxal MehtaIND0Apollo National Public School
29Pragy Narayan45075603IND0Greenwood High International School
30PrateekIND0Little Flower Public School
31Raghul BadrinathIND0Mitra Academy
32Riddhimaan S MaheshIND0Swargarani School
33Rishi P GowdaIND0Little Flower Public School
34Rithvik M P45064156IND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
35Rohith Raghav K VIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
36Ronit Prasad45064164IND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
37Rudhra CIND0Little Flower Public School
38Sahaj Singh Baid Mehta25625225IND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
39Sai KeerthanIND0Little Flower Public School
40Samarth PIND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
41SatvikIND0Little Flower Public School
42ShreenikethIND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
43Siddhanth NarendraIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
44SohamIND0Frank Anthony School
45Srivishnu VusurikalaIND0Greenwood High International School
46Suchir Chethan SeshadriIND0Sri Aurobindo Memorial School
47Suraj Bhat45081034IND0Greenwood High International School
48Swaroop B V45081042IND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
49Tarun VaradarajanIND0Sri Kumarans Children's home
50Tejas RIND0Apollo National Public School
51VidhuIND0Little Flower Public School
52Vijay AravindIND0Apollo National Public School
53Vrishank PeddireddiIND0Greenwood High International School