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Championnat de Tunisie des Jeunes filles u20

Last update 25.12.2015 12:45:32, Creator/Last Upload: amira marzouk

Starting rank list of players

1Bel Hadj Amor ArouaTUN0A.D.E.B
9Ben Fradj MeriemTUN0Kssiba
2Ben Said NourheneTUN0A.D.E.B
7Ben Said SafaTUN0A.D.E.B
3Chihi RouaTUN0Msaken
5El Kolsi MeriemTUN0Sfax
4Mabrouk SyrineTUN0Kssiba
10Skhairia InesTUN0Sakiyet Sidi Youssef
8Youssef AlaaTUN0Msaken
6Youssef YoumnaTUN0Msaken