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1ο Open Tournouament Rapid ''Apergis Panagiotis''

Last update 04.01.2016 10:47:11, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Grigoriadis Mihail4231996GRE2038
2Agrapidis Theodoros4209648GRE1904
3Hytos Vasilios4214552GRE1884
4Rigopoulos Theodoros4215249GRE1856
5Mihotas Petros4215095GRE1788
6Georgiopoulos Har.4206134GRE1673
7Tsivourakis Panteleimon4226399GRE1626
8Manouvelos Evangelos4216687GRE1865
9Arvaniti Aikaterini4232445GRE1159
10Arvanitis Hristos4256484GRE1000
11Mathaiou AggelosGRE1000
12Mathaiou KonstantinosGRE1000
13Belitsas Georgios25824015GRE1000
14Symvonis AggelosGRE1000
15Fahouridis AlexandrosGRE1000
16Haniotis NikitasGRE1000