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Cupa Centrului Cultural Pitesti

Last update 20.12.2015 11:35:12, Creator/Last Upload: adrian stanescu

Starting rank

1IIBadulescu George-AlexandruROU1439ACS Alfil Pitesti
2IICiochina MariusROU1287ACS Alfil Pitesti
3IIIStanciu Andrei-TeodorROU1195ACS Alfil Pitesti
4IIISavu Luca-Christian-DavidROU1039ACS Alfil Pitesti
5IIICiotirnae Ioan-AlexandruROU1154ACS Alfil Pitesti
6IIICostea Alexandru-SebastianROU1111ACS Alfil Pitesti
7IVPandelea Andrei-AlexandruROU1073ACS Alfil Pitesti
8IIIStoenescu Ioana-TeodoraROU1050ACS Alfil Pitesti
9IVGheorghe Andrei-CristianROU1041ACS Alfil Pitesti
10IVCarpenis EduardROU1038ACS Alfil Pitesti
11IVMarin Stefan-MihaiROU1025ACS Alfil Pitesti
12Kocak HalilROU1019ACS Alfil Pitesti
13Barbu AnaMariaROU1001
14Briciu AdrianROU1001
15Capragiu Matei-StefanROU1001ACS Alfil Pitesti
16Pana Sergiu-GabrielROU1001ACS Alfil Pitesti
17Pasavel StefanROU1001ACS Alfil Pitesti
18Toculet ErikaROU1001Tinerii Maestri Bucuresti
19Urdea MihneaROU1001
20Voicu Rebeca-MariaROU1001ACS Alfil Pitesti