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GP3: Luciablixt Mellanstadiet

Last update 12.12.2015 13:35:16, Creator/Last Upload: orebross

Starting rank list of players

16Anderssen CaspianSWE0Örebro SS
3Ängsved HermanSWE0Örebro SS
2Ärlegård WiolaSWE0Ervalla SS
7Bring AdrianSWE0Ervalla SS
9Hagua ErmiyasSWE0Örebro SS
4Hasselquist TuvaSWE0Örebro SS
1Jernberg ChristopherSWE0Västerås SK
6Lantz JuliusSWE0Ervalla SS
13Lindén TessSWE0Örebro SS
5Lundblad LukasSWE0Örebro SS
8Rosenholm HugoSWE0Örebro SS
12Sörman PhilipSWE0Ervalla SS
10Tsuranov JesperSWE0Örebro SS
11Vartiainen LinusSWE0Ervalla SS
14Viklund SofiSWE0Örebro SS
15Vu MelvinSWE0Katrineholm