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2015 National Chess Championships

Last update 20.12.2015 22:44:35, Creator/Last Upload: togo chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1IMAnquandah Francis Eric12600148GHA1980
2CMJamena Joseph Mensah12600407GHA1963
3CMThompson Edward Nii Lamptey12600113GHA1877
5Adu Jnr Lionel12600750GHA1866
8Sekyere Kwame Frimpong12600210GHA1861
6Anhwere Benard12600580GHA1843
4Ameku Philip Elikem12600326GHA1822
10Kpodo Evans Mawuko12600458GHA1738
7Hushie Carlton12600350GHA1716
9Osom Daniel12600288GHA1683