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7th CSC London Chess Classic FIDE Open

Last update 11.12.2015 22:46:26, Creator/Last Upload: chessinschools

Player overview for RUS

6GMGrigoriants Sergey2603½½1½½1½1½6,021FIDE Open
35GMCherniaev Alexander244111½01½1½½6,028FIDE Open

Results of the last round for RUS

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMCherniaev Alexander2441 ½ - ½ GMGrigoriants Sergey2603

Player details for RUS

GM Grigoriants Sergey 2603 RUS Rp:2380 Pts. 6,0
1127Van Heirzeele Daniel21384,5s ½
2140Kalavannan Koby20884,5w ½
3125Rogiers Jan21455,0s 1
490FMStigar Petter22335,5w ½
573FMPaterek Michal22935,5s ½
688FMBritton Richard L22384,5w 1
756FMJackson James P23554,5s ½
853IMMilliet Sophie23625,5w 1
935GMCherniaev Alexander24416,0s ½
GM Cherniaev Alexander 2441 RUS Rp:2421 Pts. 6,0
1159Bullen Alex20264,0w 1
297Kugler Florian22135,0s 1
3107Osborne Marcus E21804,0w ½
48GMBok Benjamin25948,0s 0
582FMTherrien Alex L22524,5w 1
657FMEnglert Fabian23506,0s ½
7126Cumming Rhys21405,5w 1
867Karthik V. Ap23106,0s ½
96GMGrigoriants Sergey26036,0w ½
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