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AXS - Campeonato Distrital Escalões 2008/09 Seniores

Last update 22.02.2009 10:41:12, Creator/Last Upload: Portuguese Chess Federation (Licence 14)

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Starting rank

1Atalaia Manuel Ferreira Da CosPOR1882GX Tomar
2Costa Hugo Jorge DuquePOR1865SC Abrantes
3Santos Pedro Miguel Da RosaPOR1863SC Abrantes
4Lopes Paulo HenriquesPOR1753SC Abrantes
5Antunes Vitor Manuel CarvalhoPOR1749GX Torres Novas
6Correia Rui AlmeidaPOR1737SC Abrantes
7Calado Rui Manuel Lopes FPOR1731GX Torres Novas
8Azevedo Jose Luis LopesPOR1621
9Fonseca Jorge Manuel BarbosaPOR1500GX Tomar
10Lopes Jose Eduardo TomasPOR1500GX Tomar