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Junior U20 Championship 2015

Last update 08.11.2015 21:19:37, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1Alexa Cosmin5601460MLT1735
2WFMFarrugia Jamie5600898MLT1611
3Mizzi Steve5601878MLT1395
4Axiaq Ariana5601703MLT1346
5Conti Matthew5600987MLT1342
6Gatt Matthias5601452MLT1263
7Conti Christian5601673MLT1227
8Psaila Ocean5602130MLT1058
9Buckle Adam5601487MLT0
10Farrugia Michael5601258MLT0
11Grima Jurgen5600855MLT0
12Portelli Isaac5601592MLT0
13Portelli Timothy5601606MLT0
14Vella Michael5601940MLT0