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Lucy Walsh and Mary Cuthbert Memorial: Open

Last update 24.10.2015 13:44:06, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Ross Chris NENG201Braille CA
2Gallagher JohnENG199Braille CA
3Kirkham MarkENG161Braille CA
4Roman Hugo227986BEL161Braille CA
5Gibbs Peter CENG160Braille CA
6McElroy ErnieENG151Braille CA
7Armstrong William GENG149Braille CA
8Doyle Philip2502453ENG149Braille CA
9Delaney Michael2502429ENG147Braille CA
10Andrews Norman GENG134Braille CA
11Blencowe Ian PENG134Braille CA
12Loftus SeanENG134Braille CA
13Wragg Norman AENG129Braille CA
14Thacker Steve MENG101Braille CA