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2015 NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Battle of the Grandmasters Open Division))

Last update 28.11.2015 08:05:27, Creator/Last Upload: philippines chess federation

Starting rank list of players

7GMGOMEZ John Paul5201381PHI2512
8GMBARBOSA Oliver5201640PHI2506
5GMLAYLO Darwin5201330PHI2484
2GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr5200032PHI2478
11GMTORRE Eugenio5200016PHI2462
12IMPASCUA Haridas5203953PHI2430
6GMBITOON Richard5201110PHI2417
9IMBERSAMINA Paulo5206995PHI2361
3NMABELGAS Roel5200970PHI2353
1FMTURQUEZA Mari Joseph5204674PHI2313
10NMDOCENA Jerad5208173PHI2270
4WIMFRAYNA Janelle Mae5212499PHI2204