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2015 NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP (Battle of the Grandmasters Women's Division)

Last update 10.11.2015 12:06:06, Creator/Last Upload: philippines chess federation

Starting rank list of players

3WIMPERENA-SECOPITO Catherine5202744PHI2134
1WIMFRONDA Jan Jodilyn5204585PHI2129
4WIMSUEDE Mikee Charlene5208920PHI2091
9WFMSAN DIEGO Marie Antoinette5205204PHI2065
8WNMBERNALES Christy Lamiel5204534PHI2055
10WFMMENDOZA Shania Mae5211158PHI2005
7MEMBRERE Brena Mae5205107PHI1943
2WNMENRIQUEZ Jean Karen5207045PHI1913
5LOZANO Arvie5218403PHI1844
6PINEDA Judith5205174PHI0