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Campionatul National de Sah Individual Masculin

Last update 09.02.2009 07:16:26, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 10)

Player info

NameOlariu Mihail
Starting rank93
Rating national861
Rating international1861
Performance rating1575
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Club/CityCs Petrolul Ploiesti
Year of birth 1988


12121FMBreahna Radu2302ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucur5,5s 0
261130Miroi Robert-Andrei744ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucur3,5w ½
355124Graur Andrei-Alexandru921ROUCss Palatul Copiilor C-Ta3,0s 1
44261Constantin Dragos-Georgian2054ROUCs Zugzwang Bucuresti4,5w ½
54163Chirita-Mihaila Marius-Constan2048ROUCss Nr 1 Timisoara5,0s 0
655132Burlacu Valentin-Sebastian691ROUCss Palatul Copiilor C-Ta2,5w 1
74065FMGeorgescu Gabriel-Ioan2044ROUAcs De Sah Apa Nova Bucur4,5w ½
84068Grigore Mitica2009ROUCs Jeco Centrocoop Buc.4,5s 0
94256Mihailov Iulian2083ROUCs Fc Callatis Mangalia4,5w 0
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