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Campionatul National de Sah Individual Masculin

Last update 09.02.2009 07:16:26, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 10)

Player info

NameStegariu Vlad-Ionut
Starting rank77
Rating national946
Rating international1946
Performance rating1947
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Club/CityCs Politehnica Iasi
Year of birth 1994


155GMManolache Marius2487ROUCs Stud. Medicina Timisoa6,0s 0
246112Bercaru Constantin1728ROUCs Fc Callatis Mangalia2,0w 1
32736Sandor Petrut2219ROUCsu Brasov5,5w ½
43123FMDobre Claudiu-Cristian2301ROUCsu Ploiesti5,0s 0
549104Deliman Antonio-Emil1770ROUCs Tera Sah Medias4,0s ½
647113Pepene Ionut1717ROUCs Petrolul Ploiesti3,5w 1
73031FMHristodorescu Daniel2232ROUCsu Ploiesti5,5s 0
849114Tiron Calin-Andrei1693ROUCs Politehnica Iasi5,0w 0
953108Marin Victor-Mihai1759ROUClubul Central De Sah Buc3,0s 1
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