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2015 Witney Congress: Minor

Last update 18.10.2015 18:37:23, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Evans Alan D118Sportsman
2Evdokimov Yuri117Queen Elizabeth
3Schroeder Marek As113Birmingham
4Ellinger William109None
5Jones Martin E109Newquay
6Goldsmith Jennifer108Harrow
7Collyer David107Chesspoint
8Fraser Alan R107Beckenham And Bromley
9Howlett Danny106Musketeers
10Bristow Paul105
11Daly Grant104Downend & Fishponds
12Pakenham John H103Warley Quinborne
13Scott Len A103Aylesbury
14Vernon Colin G101Worcester City
15Matilal Tamal100Cowley Workers
16Davies Paul98Stratford Upon Avon
17Mcleod Mark97Didcot
18Cheeseman Frank96Sportsman
19Hodges John L93Solihull
20Walsh Shaun89Downend & Fishponds
21Buxton Richard87Stratford
22Read Bill87Witney
23Cheeseman Chris85Sportsman
24Wang Emily85North Cardiff
25Baldock Max81Oxfordshire Juniors
26Partridge Tim R77Witney
27Soanes Joshua T67Witney
28Zakarian Dimitrios Levon64Oxfordshire Juniors
29Bourliakas Stephi52Bicester
30Weaver Gabriel45None
31Bourliakas Sally30Bicester
32Swann Deborah S29Swindon
33Guy Paul0Bushbury
34O'sullivan Tim0Aylesbury
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