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2015 Witney Congress: Inter

Last update 18.10.2015 18:22:04, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Craggs Steve T144Cowley
2Forster James Connor Christop144Southborne
3Edwards Derek F143Witney
4Idle Oscar142Cowley
5Redmond Michael F142Reading
6Barry Steve141None
7Fowler Jonathan141Cheltenham
8Georgiou George141Swindon
9Snook-Lumb Chris139Swindon
10Wiltshir Richard138Rushall
11Gillett Paul A137Cirencester
12Lim Yu-Chin (peter)136None
13Smith Paul136Hastings & St Leonards
14Walker Adrian136Stroud
15Williams Stephen136Cwmbran
16Burcham Tony135Bicester
17Musgrove Peter135Swindon
18Lovell William Pm134The Hall
19Chadaway Stephen M133Olton
20Wiggins Andrew S132Redditch
21Crockett Stephen J128Redditch
22Gilders Ian127Witney
23Ross Stuart127Newport
24Macarthur Duncan M126Keynsham
25Sartain Patrick126Harrow
26Brooke Ian R121Oxford City
27Hauer Marianne120Witney
28Riley Adrian K120Cowley
29Dias Savin117Haberdashers' Aske's
30Sengenberger Sara115Cowley
31Tselos Ross89None
32Tselos Alex56None
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