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AutumnChessTournament C

Senast uppdaterad15.12.2015 18:40:44, Creator/Last Upload: vasterbotten chess federation


1. Rond den 2015/10/01 klockan 18.00
111450Ahmada Alexis1 - 0Fjellström Benjamin14006
221425Norqvist Lars-Olov1 - 0Guerra Alamos Julian12235
331400Fetterplace Cameron0 - 1Malca Benn13504
2. Rond den 2015/10/15 klockan 18.00
111450Ahmada Alexis0 - 1Norqvist Lars-Olov14252
251223Guerra Alamos Julian0 - 1Fetterplace Cameron14003
361400Fjellström Benjamin0 - 1Malca Benn13504
3. Rond den 2015/10/29 klockan 18.00
121425Norqvist Lars-Olov0 - 1Fjellström Benjamin14006
231400Fetterplace Cameron0 - 1Ahmada Alexis14501
341350Malca Benn0 - 1Guerra Alamos Julian12235
4. Rond den 2015/11/12 klockan 18.00
111450Ahmada Alexis0 - 1Malca Benn13504
221425Norqvist Lars-Olov1 - 0Fetterplace Cameron14003
361400Fjellström Benjamin1 - 0Guerra Alamos Julian12235
5. Rond den 2015/12/10 klockan 18.00
131400Fetterplace Cameron0 - 1Fjellström Benjamin14006
241350Malca Benn0 - 1Norqvist Lars-Olov14252
351223Guerra Alamos Julian1 - 0Ahmada Alexis14501