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Trofej Paracina 2015

Last update 27.09.2015 14:34:47, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank

1CMCvetanovic Uros900672SRB2316
2FMBzenic Dejan916455SRB2315
3IMMilenkovic Mladen913375SRB2288
4FMDinic Dragan908347SRB2256
5Ivic Matija953687SRB2256
6FMJevtic Sasa920452SRB2214
7FMPopovic Djordje D906778SRB2181
8Grujic Nebojsa918008SRB2148
9Markovic Sasa931799SRB2116
10Markovic Miroslav R938114SRB2108
11Dinic Vojislav904350SRB1897
12Rakic Ognjan953377SRB1852
13Marjanovic Toplica904694SRB1837
14Petrovic Petar R954667SRB1812
15Marjanovic Milija964158SRB1715
16Milojevic Milorad964166SRB1712
17Brankovic Slavoljub953199SRB1669
18Kostic Miroljub958280SRB1532
19Lazic Lazar974145SRB0
20Ljubic Milan975559SRB0
21Tomasevic MilosavSRB0
22Zuric Miodrag975605SRB0
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