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European Club Cup 2015 - Open

Last update 24.10.2015 21:54:21, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of macedonia (1)

Team-Composition without round-results

  19. SC MPA - MARIA SAAL (AUT) (RtgAvg:2399 / TB1: 10 / TB2: 155,5) Captain: H.Halvax
1GMRagger Markus2698AUT16108563,57,02569
2IMKreisl Robert2437AUT16138804,57,02578
3IMSchachinger Mario2439AUT16167735,07,02550
4FMHalvax Georg2287AUT16195434,57,02474
5FMHartl Daniel2261AUT16205843,07,02290
6FMErtl Johann2274AUT16136265,07,02390
7Halvax Herbert0AUT16421540,00,00
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