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European Club Cup 2015 - Open

Last update 24.10.2015 21:54:21, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of macedonia (1)

Team-Composition without round-results

  18. CHEDDLETON (ENG) (RtgAvg:2417 / TB1: 7 / TB2: 136) Captain: F.Steil-Antoni
1GMHowell David W L2705ENG4106083,57,02540
2IMHamitevici Vladimir2439MDA139023932,57,02333
3FMKirk Ezra2256ENG600067U204,07,02428
4GMColovic Aleksandar2447MKD150007295,57,02540
5GMArkell Keith C2505ENG400270S503,56,02298
6WIMSteil-Antoni Fiona2150LUX40012491,54,02159
7Armstrong Malcolm J2098ENG409049S501,54,02097
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