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European Club Cup 2015 - Open

Last update 24.10.2015 21:54:21, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of macedonia (1)

Team-Composition without round-results

  16. RIEHEN (SUI) (RtgAvg:2434 / TB1: 8 / TB2: 140) Captain: P.Erismann
1IMHeimann Andreas2546GER246246324,07,02547
2GMRenet Olivier2535FRA600040S503,57,02451
3GMCvitan Ognjen2499CRO14500086S504,07,02466
4IMBrunner Nicolas2418FRA6202464,07,02435
5IMBuss Ralph2371SUI13056973,07,02293
6Haag Gregor2236GER246809313,57,02292
7Erismann Peter2108SUI1300750S500,00,00
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