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Inter-College Championships 2006 (Girls)

Last update 15.09.2015 11:13:38, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Anthoo Carla1100Notre Dame
2Bass Charlene1100Notre Dame
3Beekhy Aamirah1100Queen Elizabeth
4Chow Fat Lun Sim Yin1100Bps
5Chundunsing Sheetul1164Bps
6Cotte Manuela1139Loreto Rose Hill
7Daurat Dominique1087Loreto Rose Hill
8Duval Dorina1100Notre Dame
9Fidele Agnes1100Notre Dame
10Kalliaperumal Ajeghi1100Notre Dame
11Lai Tong Cindy1100Loreto Port Louis
12Lam Cheun U Julie1100Loreto Port Louis
13Ng See Cheong Mary Jade1100Sodnac Ss
14Nohur Joshila1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
15Nulliah Sandra1100Notre Dame
16Rama Jeshikha1100Loreto Rose Hill
17Ramassray Purnima1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
18Ramjane Shabneez1100Loreto Rose Hill
19Rampersad Nirvana1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
20Rungiah Dashni1100Notre Dame
21Samynaden Vilasha1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
22Seetulpersand Heena1089Loreto Rose Hill
23Todar Nitisha1100Notre Dame