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Inter-College Championships 2005 (Girls)

Last update 15.09.2015 11:11:38, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Ah Choon Ariane1100Loreto Rose Hill
2Alette Joan1100Loreto Rose Hill
3Bansropun Naptalie1100Loreto Rose Hill
4Camera Natacha1100Notre Dame
5Chan Wan Fong Adriane1100Loreto Rose Hill
6Chundunsing Sheetul1100Bps
7Cotte Manuela1100Loreto Rose Hill
8Daurat Dominique1100Loreto Rose Hill
9Lavictoire Vanessa1150Bps
10Mooneyan Dayana1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
11Mykoo Vanita1100Loreto Rose Hill
12Nathadkhan Adila1100Loreto Rose Hill
13Nicole Karen1150Notre Dame
14Ramen Sophia1100Notre Dame
15Ramsaha Srishti1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
16Seetulpersand Heena1100Loreto Rose Hill
17Vivien Gloria1100Loreto Rose Hill