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Inter-College Championship 2004 (Girls)

Last update 15.09.2015 11:09:44, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Allybokus Nadiah1100Notre Dame
2Auckel Bhavvna1100Notre Dame
3Aza Jariya1100Loreto Rose Hill
4Bhagwan Bhavna1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
5Joyejob Treesha1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
6Lavictoire Vanessa1100Bps
7Luquet Sandrine1100Notre Dame
8Nicole Karen1100Notre Dame
9Poorun Melany1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
10Poorun Melody1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
11Puttoo Mukshada1100Notre Dame
12Ting Stefany1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
13Venkaya Vashista1100Notre Dame
14Yardin Beatrice1100Loreto Quatre Bornes
15Boodoo Vanessa1100Notre Dame
16Kausman Saheba1100Notre Dame