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Inter-College Championship 2004 (Port Louis & the North)

Last update 15.09.2015 11:09:05, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Ah Choon ClarenceMRI1100Bell Village Ss
2Ah Fat LeeMRI1100Pere Laval
3Ah Kang KevinMRI1100London
4Ah Po DonyMRI1100Pere Laval
5Allette-Lemince AlanMRI1100Pere Laval
6Appegadoo WarrenMRI1100Eden Quatre Bornes
7Barbe BernyMRI1100Pere Laval
8Bhugwansingh OmanandMRI1100Eden Port Louis
9Bhundoo VishkarmahMRI1100Eden Port Louis
10Calloo AtyabMRI1100Bell Village Ss
11Chan Man Sing GaryMRI1100London
12Cheung Tsang JasonMRI1100London
13Choong Jean MichelMRI1100Bell Village Ss
14Duverge NorbertMRI1100Eden Port Louis
15Perrine John FranklinMRI1100Pere Laval
16Hung Kan Sang BrianMRI1100London
17Hunkar ChavanMRI1100London
18Jahoor ShahadilMRI1100Bell Village Ss
19Kong Kam Wa CliveMRI1100St Esprit
20Kooreeman ArvinMRI1100Pere Laval
21Kut King Kam JeffMRI1100London
22Lapierre Jean JulienMRI1100Pere Laval
23Latreille AdrienMRI1100Eden Port Louis
24Lau Yan Lun RickyMRI1100Royal Port Louis
25Lee Kam DarrelMRI1100Bell Village Ss
26Li Sun Voon StennaMRI1100London
27Li Sun Voon StewartMRI1087London
28Li Yin Tai BrianMRI1125London
29Moothoosamy AjaghenMRI1100Eden Port Louis
30Mootoosamy DjanyMRI1100Pere Laval
31Petumber RickyMRI1100Eden Port Louis
32Pillay IyalooMRI1100London
33Polydor JasonMRI1100London
34Ramphul KrishnaMRI1100Pamplemousses High School
35Ramsamy LucianoMRI1100Eden Port Louis
36Rock IvanMRI1100Pere Laval
37Sylvie DesireMRI1100Eden Port Louis
38Teeluck UshamMRI1100Bell Village Ss
39Yan Ping Yuen RodneyMRI1100London
40Yan Shi RussellMRI1100London