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IM A - Proclient Cup Olomouc Chess Summer 2004 (round-robin IM tournament)

Last update 12.08.2004 17:50:01, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

9IMGavrilov Alexei4104358RUS2441
2IMChytilek Roman304980CZE2418
3IMSalai Ladislav14900050SVK2394
5Tupy Martin306878CZE2322
11Kraemer Martin4671910GER2295
6FMKennaugh Charles400815ENG2287
4Kanovsky David316210CZE2286
7Negi Parimarjan5016690IND2273
8FMMankeyev Rauan13702874KAZ2258
12WIMTania Sachdev5007844IND2240
1Savage Ben D405914ENG2204
10Biolek Richard Jr319996CZE2076