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FIDE World Junior U20 Championship (Girls)

Last update 15.09.2015 14:12:29, Creator/Last Upload: 24120227 staratorzhskiy vladimir

Player overview for ina

1WGMAulia Medina Warda2417INA01½1010½101017,0192191Girls

Results of the last round for ina

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
13111WGMAulia Medina Warda24176 1 - 06 WFMMovileanu Daniela222120

Player details for ina

WGM Aulia Medina Warda 2417 INA Rp:2191 Pts. 7,0
125WFMIvanova Karina2177RUS6,5w 0
229WFMSaranya J2144IND7,0s 1
327Kusenkova Natallia2155BLR6,5w ½
424WCMWozniak Mariola2198POL6,5s 1
513WFMNavrotescu Andreea-Cristiana2263FRA7,5w 0
622WFMUtiatskaja Irina2201RUS5,5s 1
726WFMParedes Bustamante Paula2156PER5,5w 0
814WIMMichelle Catherina P2259IND6,5s ½
937Vasova Maria2069BUL6,0w 1
1010WIMFataliyeva Ulviyya2301AZE8,0s 0
1140WFMSazonova Anastasia2020RUS5,5w 1
1243WFMNguyen Thi Thuy Trien1939VIE7,5s 0
1320WFMMovileanu Daniela2221ITA6,0w 1
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