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Kiryat Ono rapid GP 2015 Final

Last update 21.08.2015 13:36:41, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1Hayohamo Raz2821087ISR1790Hertzliya
2Shetach Roey2820323ISR1750Kiryat Ono
3Zoulty Zohar2820170ISR1701Rehovot
4Mizrahi Ido2820269ISR1695Kiryat Ono
5Tamir Roee2821532ISR1566Kiryat Ono
6Qasem Huda2816806ISR1560Kfar Saba
7Zoulty Ido2814609ISR1560Rehovot
8Tal-Shahar Liam2825546ISR1476Kiryat Ono
9Guz Ari2825759ISR1471Tel Aviv
10Kaspin Ido2818744ISR1470Kiryat Ono
11Almog Shani2825643ISR1469Shoham
12Siman-Tov Yoav2825635ISR1450Kiryat Ono
13Dayan Itay2825678ISR1415Rishon Lezion
14Uritzky Yonatan2825651ISR1413Kiryat Ono