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Giai co tuong Ha Noi - nu 13

Last update 19.01.2009 05:05:03, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Pham Thi Ngoc AnhMLi2072
2Cao Minh ChauHMa2071
3Nguyen Linh ChiTLi2070
4Nguyen Hoang DuongCGi2069
5Vu Tu GiangTXu2068
6Tran Ngoc HaTHo2067
7Hoang Thu HangTLi2066
8Nguyen Thu HangDDa2065
9Nguyen Thi HanhCMy2064
10Nguyen Thi HauMLi2063
11Nguyen Thi HuongBVi2062
12Nguyen Thi HuongTTi2061
13Vuong My HuyenHBT2060
14Nguyen Tuyet LeHKi2059
15Nguyen Khanh LinhBDi2058
16Nguyen Thi Dieu LinhLBi2057
17Nguyen Ngoc MinhTHo2056
18Tran Huyen MyHBT2055
19Tran Thi Lan HuongGLa2054
20Do Kim NganTTi2053
21Dao Bich NgocLBi2052
22Nguyen Thi Kieu OanhMDu2051
23Nguyen Linh PhuongTXu2050
24Tran Thi Thanh ThanhDDa2049
25Dang Ngoc ThaoHKi2048
26Hoang Phuong ThaoCGi2047
27Dinh Thu TrangBDi2046
28Nguyen Thi TrangGLa2045