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Ersatzschnellschachturnier für Nichtblitzer

Last update 29.12.2008 08:21:12, Creator/Last Upload: daniel lieb

Starting rank list of players

1Reitinger SimonAUT1226Spg. Sauwald
2Mitterhauser PaulAUT1200Gambit Hofkirchen-Riedau
3Maier ChristophAUT0Spg. Sauwald
4Reitinger JakobAUT0Spg. Sauwald
5Rockenbauer FriedrichAUT0Sv Gmunden
6Windhager PascalAUT0Gambit Hofkirchen-Riedau
7Wu JiongAUT0Spg. Sauwald
8Wu YuAUT0Spg. Sauwald