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Prvenstvo Srbije za omladince 2015.godine

Last update 17.08.2015 12:48:17, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank list of players

4Radovanovic Nikola900087SRB2415
9Radovanovic Mihajlo940313SRB2348
6Radovic Luka911569SRB2286
5Besedes Danilo946796SRB2285
10Todorovic Nenad I912832SRB2273
2Radovic Janko911518SRB2270
1Ivic Velimir950122SRB2249
3Rajkovic Mladen930660SRB2248
11CMCvetanovic Uros900672SRB2225
8Kiproski Branislav913081SRB2199
7Ivic Matija953687SRB2172