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Preliminar Distrital Jovens-Mata de Benfica

Last update 22.12.2008 19:34:44, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 50)

Starting rank

1Fernandes Andre Gonçalo CasimiPOR1482GX Alekhine
2Benito JoaoPOR1200GX Alekhine
3Durao Jose Ricardo CunhaPOR1200Mata de Benfica
4Marques Pedro SerraoPOR1200Mata de Benfica
5Monteiro Leonardo LourencoPOR1200GX Alekhine
6Correia Joao Guilherme MonteirPOR1150GX Alekhine
7Figueiredo LuisPOR1150Mata de Benfica
8Ganhao AfonsoPOR1150Mata de Benfica
9Mela VascoPOR1150Mata de Benfica