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GXA Preliminar AXL 2008/09 - série B

Last update 19.12.2008 09:02:25, Creator/Last Upload: fpx - federação portuguesa de xadrez

Starting rank

1Antunes AndrePOR1972GXAlekhine
2Maslov Vadim GrigorievitchPOR1932GXAlekhine
3Lopes Jose Manuel CidreiroPOR1838GXAlekhine
4Castro Rui PedroPOR1837GXAlekhine
5Santos Jose FernandesPOR1723GXAlekhine
6Pascoal Jose SargentoPOR1643GXAlekhine
7Fernandes Jose Francisco VelhiPOR1630GXAlekhine
8Mouquinho Jose Francisco BPOR1588AA Amadora
9Domingues MarcoPOR0GXAlekhine
10Lopes Jose Espirito Santo CorrPOR0GXAlekhine
11Rato HugoPOR0GXAlekhine
12Soares GoncaloPOR0GXAlekhine