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Al-Oruba 39th Ramadan Chess Championship

Last update 11.07.2015 23:12:32, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMAyyad Maher2147BRN 19w1 11b1 15w1 6b0 16w1 28b1 4w1 5w1 2b½7,538,57446,5
2FMAyyad Hussain2146BRN 27b1 13w1 4b1 3w1 6w½ 5b0 23w1 9w1 1w½7,038,06434,5
3Rene Costales1650PHI 23w1 28b1 39w1 2b0 15w1 4w0 11b1 16b1 8w17,035,07440,5
4Pelayo Anthony2100PHI 56w1 26b1 2w0 12b1 29w1 3b1 1b0 6w1 5b17,035,07375,0
5Alcala Alvin2142PHI 20w1 16b1 10w½ 9b1 22b1 2w1 6w1 1b0 4w06,538,56437,0
6Daria Carlitos1850PHI 42w1 35b1 7w1 1w1 2b½ 8w1 5b0 4b0 16w16,537,56429,5
7Bukhalaf Khalil1909BRN 33b1 18w1 6b0 8w½ 10b- 27w1 24b1 23b1 15w16,530,06408,0
8Bukhalaf Khalaf1884BRN 29w1 17b1 9w½ 7b½ 11w1 6b0 13w1 15b1 3b06,033,55402,5
9Cagampan Dado1810PHI 44w1 45b1 8b½ 5w0 39b1 10w½ 17w1 2b0 18b16,031,55399,0
10Hamirwasiya Arpith1606IND 38b1 25w1 5b½ 22w0 7w+ 9b½ 15w0 12b1 17w16,030,55393,0
11Darwish Hashim1875BRN 57b+ 1w0 33b1 19w1 8b0 12b½ 3w0 37b1 23w+5,527,05357,5
12Castillo Jay1650PHI 30b0 21w1 40b1 4w0 33b1 11w½ 36b1 10w0 22b+5,526,05369,5
13Malinis Henry1800PHI 51w1 2b0 29w0 49b1 20b1 18w1 8b0 22w½ 28b15,526,05367,5
14Bukhalaf Hussain1824BRN 47w- 42b1 22w- 21w1 19b+ 17b0 22w½ 36w1 24b15,523,55359,0
15Shaker Musab1800BRN 37w1 31b1 1b0 36w1 3b0 30w1 10b1 8w0 7b05,030,05391,5
16Felisilda Lou1770PHI 49b1 5w0 47b1 30w1 1b0 25w1 28w+ 3w0 6b05,029,05373,5
17Habib Adnan1750CAN 32b1 8w0 38b1 39w1 23b0 14w1 9b0 28w1 10b05,028,05386,0
18Ebrahim Haitham1750BRN 50w1 7b0 37w1 31b1 28w0 13b0 26w1 19b1 9w05,027,05367,0
19Bong Dominador1500PHI 1b0 49w1 43w1 11b0 14w- 46w+ 25b1 18w0 32b15,023,05321,5
20Ferozkhan Abdulqader1500IND 5b0 32w0 55b+ 48b1 13w0 21w1 30b0 34w1 36b15,020,05312,0
21Gopi Krishna1250IND 28w0 12b0 50w1 14b0 48w1 20b0 49w1 41b1 31w+5,018,05331,0
22A.lateef Ahmed Ahmed1550EGY 34b1 24w½ 14b+ 10b1 5w0 23w0 14b½ 13b½ 12w-4,528,53385,0
23Al-Burshaid Ebrahim1715BRN 3b0 30w1 27b½ 24w1 17w1 22b1 2b0 7w0 11b-4,526,54404,5
24Al Mahmood Salman1600BRN 52w1 22b½ 28w0 23b0 38w1 37b1 7w0 31b1 14w04,524,04348,0
25Abdulla Mohammed1650BRN 48w1 10b0 45w1 28b0 41w1 16b0 19w0 40b1 26w½4,523,54360,0
26Abuan Alec1500PHI 41b1 4w0 30b0 32w1 40b1 36w0 18b0 27w1 25b½4,522,54348,5
27David James1500PHI 2w0 44b1 23w½ 29b0 45w1 7b0 38w1 26b0 37w14,520,54354,5
28Cabaya Joey1830PHI 21b1 3w0 24b1 25w1 18b1 1w0 16b- 17b0 13w04,027,04382,5
29Gunarajah Easan1500ENG 8b0 34w1 13b1 27w1 4b0 40w1 -0 -0 -04,025,04260,5
30Martin Garry1600USA 12w1 23b0 26w1 16b0 31w1 15b0 20w1 -0 -04,024,04304,0
31Diab Mustafa1650EGY 58w+ 15w0 32b1 18w0 30b0 34w1 42b1 24w0 21b-4,023,04308,5
32Jara Sheryl1500PHI 17w0 20b1 31w0 26b0 35w1 41b1 37w0 43b1 19w04,019,04340,5
33Foster John1500USA 7w0 51b1 11w0 35b1 12w0 42b0 43b0 48w1 40w+4,017,04328,0
34Reybuenan Jhun1500PHI 22w0 29b0 42w1 37b0 43w1 31b0 44w1 20b0 41w14,016,04329,5
35Fadhel Hussain1400BRN -1 6w0 36b0 33w0 32b0 45b+ 41w0 44b1 43w+4,016,03293,5
36Abdulla Hameed1650BRN 60w1 39b0 35w1 15b0 37w½ 26b1 12w0 14b0 20w03,522,53320,5
37Abuan Alisson1400PHI 15b0 41w1 18b0 34w1 36b½ 24w0 32b1 11w0 27b03,519,53362,5
38Al-Jawder Isa1400BRN 10w0 50b1 17w0 45b½ 24b0 49w1 27b0 39w0 48b13,516,03340,5
39Bahadur Ram1847NEP 59b+ 36w1 3b0 17b0 9w0 47b- 40b- 38b1 42w-3,019,03313,0
40Manoj Darsh1400IND 46w0 48b1 12w0 43b1 26w0 29b0 39w+ 25w0 33b-3,017,03292,5
41sai Anirudh1100IND 26w0 37b0 44w1 47b+ 25b0 32w0 35b1 21w0 34b03,016,03300,0
42Surya Jaya1350IND 6b0 14w0 34b0 51w+ 53b1 33w1 31w0 45b- 39b-3,015,03307,0
43Mahesh Rahul1200IND 45w0 52b+ 19b0 40w0 34b0 50b1 33w1 32w0 35b-3,015,03285,0
44Harini1100IND 9b0 27w0 41b0 54w+ 49w- 48w1 34b0 35w0 45b+3,011,03296,0
45Murali Devishree1500IND 43b1 9w0 25b0 38w½ 27b0 35w- -1 42w- 44w-2,515,01293,5
46Abhishek Ganesan1375IND 40b1 47w1 -0 -0 -0 19b- -0 -0 -02,017,02103,5
47Makki Hani1500BRN 14b+ 46b0 16w0 41w- 50b+ 39w- -0 -0 -02,014,02197,5
48Sai Aditya1100IND 25b0 40w0 52b+ 20w0 21b0 44b0 50w1 33b0 38w02,010,02276,0
49Jamal Mohammed1200BRN 16w0 19b0 53w+ 13w0 44b- 38b0 21b0 50w- -01,07,01269,0
50Jamal Odai1100BRN 18b0 38w0 21b0 -1 47w- 43w0 48b0 49b- -01,06,00230,5
51Priyadarshini1000IND 13b0 33w0 54b- 42b- -1 -0 -0 -0 -01,05,00130,0
52Maaroof Salman1400BRN 24b0 43w- 48w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,00105,5
53Stephen Ryan1400IND 61w- -0 49b- 55b- 42w0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0087,5
54Rahma Safa1400BRN 55w- -0 51w- 44b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0065,5
55Rahma Mazen1300BRN 54b- -0 20w- 53w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0064,0
56Moares David1400IND 4b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0053,5
57Cheruan Thomas Yakov1000IND 11w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0047,0
58Nasser Saeeda1200BRN 31b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0040,0
59Kelkar Anvay1500IND 39w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0039,5
60Justin Elroy1150IND 36b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0039,0
61A.Latif Ahmed1900EGY 53b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0014,5

Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)