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South Potteries Rapidplay Championship

Last update 29.06.2015 22:14:35, Creator/Last Upload: chessinschools

Starting rank

1Kammerer Christoph301668GER159Crewe
2Hill Steve R259968ENG154Meir
3Boswell Jacob Connor277163ENG148Cheddleton & Leek
4Laurence Geoff114116ENG139Macclesfield
5Lockett Karl J129503ENG139Crewe
6Willett Greg Murray291776ENG138Crewe
7Capatina Kasian298560ENG133Fenton
8Barnett Douglas J173135ENG132Crewe
9Emmerton Stephen J266803ENG132Fenton
10Shaw Peter118825ENG127Newcastle-Under-Lyme
11Price David P275378ENG126Crewe
12Smith Michael289302ENG122Fenton
13Frischer Martin255707ENG120Crewe
14Birchall T Brian106772ENG117Alsager
15Wilkinson Ernest141788ENG105Fenton
16Barker Andrew289303ENG100Alsager
17Ryan Kevin0ENG100Fenton
18Valentine Glyn D191840ENG99Fenton
19Tideswell Peter R180498ENG82Fenton
20Hall Les289304ENG94Crewe
21Hyde Railton W161057ENG156Fenton
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