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20th Patraikos Blitz

Last update 24.06.2015 22:59:45, Creator/Last Upload: mr. george georgopoulos

Starting rank

1Terzis Filippos-Stamatis4227670GRE1799
2Triantos Konstantinos4274300GRE1687
3Zaronikas Dimitrios25802259GRE1668
4Tsakas Nikolaos4276558GRE1662
5Alexopoulos Alexandros25806017GRE1597
6Kollias Ioannis K.4297105GRE1534
7Kollias Dimitrios4291883GRE1495
8Aggelopoulos Konstantinos4271360GRE1345
9Riganezis Michail25840827GRE1296
10Georgiou Anastasios4297903GRE1188
11Andreou Georgios Andreas25840606GRE1144
12Alexopoulos Georgios25820540GRE1060
13Antoniadis Dimitrios25810731GRE1030
14Anninou Athina25834886GRE0
15Koulopoulou IoannaGRE0
16Papanikolaou Petros25836811GRE0