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II Open Penafirme

Last update 15.12.2008 00:00:39, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Starting rank

1Diogo Antonio MamedePOR2026AR Penichense
2Martins RodolfoPOR1990Acad T Vedras
3Alves LuísPOR1911GD Carris
4Bray JosePOR1793SOM
5Nabais JoaoPOR1783COJOPE
6Marques CarlosPOR1762Acad T Vedras
7Bray DanielPOR1746SOM
8Marques HugoPOR1722Acad T Vedras
9Manuel MarcoPOR1583Acad T Vedras
10Santos Hugo LimaPOR1515AR Penichense
11Ferreira Luis MiguelPOR1500AR Penichense
12Henriques JoséPOR1500Academia Xadrez Bombarral
13Luis Jose CarlosPOR1500SOM
14Oliveira GonçaloPOR1500Acad T Vedras
15Oliveira SimaoPOR1500AR Penichense
16Patrão ManuelPOR1500Acad T Vedras
17Santos Luis LimaPOR1500AR Penichense
18Mano AvelinoPOR1485Acad T Vedras
19Prazeres AmilcarPOR1483Academia Xadrez Bombarral
20Santos Ines LimaPOR1428AR Penichense
21Cavadas FranciscoPOR1392AX Benedita
22Elvas VascoPOR1360SOM
23Alves JoãoPOR1350COJOPE
24Salvado JoãoPOR1350IND
25Luis RafaelPOR1336SOM
26Quintino FilipePOR1304COJOPE
27Santos JosePOR1250Academia Xadrez Bombarral
28Felix DinisPOR1229AR Penichense
29Ferreira BeatrizPOR1200AR Penichense
30Ferreira JoãoPOR1200COJOPE
31Santana Carlos AndréPOR1200AR Penichense
32Esteves NunoPOR1166COJOPE
33Baptista BrunoPOR1150Academia Xadrez Bombarral
34Elisiario FabioPOR1150COJOPE
35Ferreira Luis PedroPOR1150AR Penichense
36Quintino GuilhermePOR1150COJOPE
37Staryk OlehPOR1150Academia Xadrez Bombarral
38Jorge RitaPOR1100AR Penichense
39Santana Joao MiguelPOR1100AR Penichense
40Batista DiogoPOR1050Academia Xadrez Bombarral
41Santos ClaraPOR1050Academia Xadrez Bombarral
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