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Naborovy turnaj deti Druhe utery - A turnaj

Last update 10.12.2008 23:37:29, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank

1Meduna EduardCZE1782SK Duras BVK Brno
2Pribyl RadekCZE1764SK Lokomotiva Brno
3Dvorak AdamCZE1611SK Lokomotiva Brno
4Krejci DavidCZE1533SK Lokomotiva Brno
5Suchomel JiriCZE1423SK Lokomotiva Brno
6Bartosova VeronikaCZE1323SK Lokomotiva Brno
7Karapetyan DavidCZE1309SK Lokomotiva Brno
8Krejci JaroslavCZE1250SK Lokomotiva Brno
9Musil RadekCZE1250Sokol Zastavka
10Richterova NatasaCZE1250SK Duras BVK Brno
11Svoboda FilipCZE1250SK Lokomotiva Brno
12Zamecnik OndrejCZE1250SK Lokomotiva Brno
13Jurasek VojtechCZE1100SK Lokomotiva Brno
14Krupica RomanCZE1100Sokol Zastavka
15Liska RobertCZE1100SK Lokomotiva Brno
16Neuwirth MichaelCZE1100SK Lokomotiva Brno
17Sedlacek LeosCZE1100SK Lokomotiva Brno
18Waischorn AlesCZE1100SK Tisnov