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Cordillerano Quindio

Last update 09.12.2008 06:09:15, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1Valencia Cristian JohanCOL2000Calarcá
2Velez Miguel AngelCOL1600Barcelona
3Beltran Hector AndresCOL1595Calarcá
4Casallas JefersonCOL1590Calarcá
5Beltran Luiz MateoCOL1585Calarcá
6Bedoya LibadierCOL1580Barcelona
7Conde SaelCOL1575Barcelona
8Rincon AngieCOL1570Calarcá
9Gutierrez Andres FelipeCOL1565Barcelona
10Toro Yeiron SmithCOL1560Calarcá
11Cardozo SantiagoCOL1555Calarcá
12Gutierrez Cristian CamiloCOL1550Barcelona
13Cortes Johan StivenCOL1545Barcelona
14Cardozo SebastianCOL1540Calarcá
15Loaiza FelipeCOL1535Barcelona
16Ospina Gener EduardoCOL1530Barcelona
17Celis Juan JoseCOL1525Calarcá
18Celis Hugo AlejandroCOL1520Calarcá