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18th Patraikos Blitz

Last update 14.06.2015 19:03:26, Creator/Last Upload: mr. george georgopoulos

Starting rank

1Zaronikas Dimitrios25802259GRE1668
2Alexopoulos Alexandros25806017GRE1597
3Kollias Ioannis K.4297105GRE1534
4Kollias Dimitrios4291883GRE1495
5Aggelopoulos Konstantinos4271360GRE1345
6Georgiou Anastasios4297903GRE1188
7Andreou Georgios Andreas25840606GRE1144
8Papaioannou Charalampos25810960GRE1116
9Alexopoulos Georgios25820540GRE1060
10Antoniadis Dimitrios25810731GRE1030