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CSV stappen toernooi koning klasse

Last update 01.06.2015 00:51:51, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Tjong Tjin Joe Calvin8200580SUR2002
2CMOoft Gavin8200467SUR1993
3FMGiasi Viresh8200165SUR1988
4Chang Pierre8201030SUR1973
5Valdivia Valdivia Jose Rafael3519112CUB1915
6Veer Willem8200130SUR1892
7Kromosoeto Immanuel8200750SUR1820
8Prade Cedric8201358SUR1788
9Ramjiawan Manish8200653SUR1690
10Ramdat Tewarie Vickey8200645SUR1667
11WCMAdhin Anviti8201200SUR1615
12Kromosoeto Benaja8201234SUR1440