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Blitz Regatas -Fed Cuyana-

Last update 31.05.2015 02:57:56, Creator/Last Upload: regatas mendoza

Starting rank

1Ruiz Peyre NicolasARG2023
2Poblete PabloARG1942
3Fogliati OscarARG1900
4Gomez GustavoARG1896
5Lara AngelARG1896
6Alarcon ArtemioARG1892
7Morales FabioARG1826
8Viale NicolasARG1797
9Flores GeorgeARG1750
10Freire OsvaldoARG1750
11Madi GabrielARG1750
12Quiroga LucianaARG1712
13Torres BernardinoARG1630