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31 Maio -17º Circuito Torneios Xadrez Barreiro- Penicheiros

Last update 31.05.2015 19:20:51, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 30)

Starting rank

1NMMorais Vitor Mestre1900552POR1952Clube Edp
2Ramos Diogo Miguel Matos1911554POR1849Fc Barreirense
3Silva José António Duarte1905759POR1572Ccp Barreirense
4Silva Artur Francisco Lopes D1909738POR1408Gd Cavadas
5Marcelino José De Jesus F1910230POR1398Ateneu Popular Do Montijo
6Korotkyi Daniyil1946722POR1272Fc Barreirense
7Cardoso João Manuel Duarte1942344POR0Fc Barreirense
8Correia Daniel Arlindo Dias1945874POR0Ccp Barreirense
9Correia José Luis Dias1945882POR0Ccp Barreirense
10Costa RubenPOR0Vila Chã
11Duque Raquel Dos Santos1945890POR0Fc Barreirense
12Jesus AlexandrePOR0CCR Juventude Lavradio
13Jesus DanielPOR0CCR Juventude Lavradio
14Matos Catarina Bastos Dias1935259POR0Santoantoniense Fc
15Ramos Francisco Miguel RaimunPOR0Santoantoniense Fc
16Savinykh Alexandra AmbrosPOR0Santoantoniense Fc
17Ulyanovskyy VadimPOR0Fc Barreirense