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ŠK Bohemia Pardubice - Bleskový turnaj 14. 5. 2015

Last update 22.05.2015 08:02:51, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

2Horacek Michal332526CZE2071Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.S.
5Trasak Ondrej340499CZE2016Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.S.
3Mudrunka Pavel372188CZE2008Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.S.
4Danek Pavel312410CZE1965Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.S.
1Horackova Isabela376884CZE1121Sk Bohemia Pardubice O.S.