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Campeonato Argentino Sub 10 Femenino

Last update 25.05.2015 23:29:26, Creator/Last Upload: liga nacional de ajedrez

Starting rank list of players

2Barbosa LudmilaARG0Quilmes
8Barrios IrisARG0Quilmes
9Calvetti Paz Irina151939ARG0CABA
4Irigaray Eitnat MicaelaARG0CABA
1Moreno Eulalia VirginiaARG0Cordoba
6Moreno Luisina MercedesARG0Cordoba
5Quintana Julieta146129ARG0San Luis
3Rueda Nessi Juana146137ARG0CABA
7Scarpelli CatalinaARG0Ezeiza