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KP rapid JČŠS Písek 2015 H16+18

Last update 25.05.2015 06:46:35, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 55

Starting rank list of players

1Dolansky Lukas367060CZE1968Sachklub Tabor
9Zilavy Jan350141CZE1873Sokol Tabor
4Nagy Ladislav374300CZE1805Qcc Ceske Budejovice
2Zeman Matyas364398CZE1795Sachovy Oddil Hranicar Horni S
10Kotal Vaclav388491CZE1641Sachovy Oddil Hranicar Horni S
3Rybin Jan364215CZE1613Sachklub Tabor
6Sustr Dominik364274CZE1546Sachklub Tabor
5Vlach Daniel364320CZE1536Sachklub Tabor
7Stech Pavel367346CZE1491Qcc Ceske Budejovice
8Berka Jiri333204CZE1418Sachklub Tabor