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KP rapid JČŠS Písek 2015 H8

Last update 25.05.2015 06:47:31, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 55

Starting rank list of players

8Havelkova BeataCZE1185Qcc Ceske Budejovice
5Zalusky MatejCZE1138Sachklub Pisek
1Barta David391360CZE1100Qcc Ceske Budejovice
6Hejda OndrejCZE1100Qcc Ceske Budejovice
2Jares JakubCZE1087Sachklub Tabor
3Picha LukasCZE1055Sk Veseli N.L.
4Kurpil TomasCZE1000Tj Cz Strakonice
7Pistulka AdamCZE1000Sachklub Tabor